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Huggl // Induction Power Pack

Industrial Design

Huggl is an induction charging, portable power pack that uses alternative materials 
to stimulate new product experiences and higher social interactions.

The charger can be taken on-the-go to power multiple electronic devices over a day.

Say goodbye to messy cables & wiring, the mesh allows for any smart device immersion.

Huggl uses a flexible mesh fabric together with elastomer beads to create new haptic experiences for the user.
​​​​​​​Compatibility? No problem. Here’s to social interactions: share the power with friends and strangers.

USB ports enable charging the older buddies that don’t have the tech too!

Huggl charges up via its base, and can hold 20000mAh - enough for up to 10 battery cycles throughout the day.

Front LEDs give the user guidance on how much power is left - each LED represents 1000mah.

These lights also provide guidance on power pack charge.
The LEDs are activated by holding the mAh button on the back, next to the power button;
both of which help avoid accidental power use and/or drainage whilst on-the-move.

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Huggl // Induction Power Pack

Huggl // Induction Power Pack

Huggl: introducing inductive charging on-the-go. Huggl is a portable power pack that uses stretch fabric with rubber beads to stimulate new hapti Read More