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Eiome // Digital Sound Experimentation Kit

Industrial Design
Eiome is a digital percussion instrument aimed at the everyday musical enthusiast;
it stimulates experimentation, open collaboration and people’s musical creativity.

Eiome doesn’t attempt to replicate the realities of a real drum, but rather 
offer an alternative digital experience to a percussion instrument. 
The body is pressed out of two rubber blocks, these encase the internals and control unit. 
The control unit can be detached & inverted, making it adaptable for both right and left hand users. 
A magnetic connection enables quick and secure storage of the sticks inside the kit.
A conductive rubber bud is located on one end of the stick for simple rigid use.
Conductive bristles enable brushing, these are located on the other end and can be revealed by sliding the handle.
Detachable pads create a musical platform. 
These enable unlimited combinations
They have a capacitive surface, which encourages tapping, drumming, brushing, swiping, etc. 
The capacitive quality also enables tactile operation and percussion by hand.
Computational information and power is transmitted via Micro-USB.
The pads can be lifted with a tilting feature at the back for a more immersive experience.
Eiome // Digital Sound Experimentation Kit

Eiome // Digital Sound Experimentation Kit

Eiome: a digital proposition to a percussion instrument. Eiome leverages 21st century technology to create new experimental opportunities for the Read More