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Picto // AR Productivity Projector

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Project Your Creativity

Picto is an augmented reality projector that offers an analogue alternative to a ‘pen-on screen’ digital tablet. Made for visual learners & creatives, it advances productivity at all levels - from amateur & creativity enthusiasts to professionals & experts.

Static & Dynamic Underlays

The tool projects underlays at close proximity, empowering users to creatively progress and express themselves. 
From getting proportions and compositions right to creating and developing calligraphy, practising new characters from a foreign language, learning to sketch like a pro, or simply accelerating the ideation process – from small objects to large spaces.

Technology & AR Application

Picto uses short throw technology to achieve projection at very close proximity. This enables the device to be placed
on a working space or even clipped to a canvas, whilst recreating a full underlay on the relevant location.

Picto also uses adaptive projection technology, where two projecting lenses and a receptive infra-red sensor on the front
face enable the device to map a projection to a static or moving area that has been pre-defined with infra-red ink

Picto combines short throw and adaptive projection technology to achieve augmented reality.

Infra-Red Ink Pen

An infra-red ink pen enables the user to quickly and easily define the boundary of their work area.

The projector's infra-red sensor identifies each corner in real-life and accordingly maps the projection.

The infra-red ink pens are designed with a variety of fresh and punchy colours to match each Picto set.

The pen's main body is deep-pressed and double anodised, it includes a moulded plastic cap and an infra-red ink tip.​​​​​​​
Augmented Reality Projector

All interaction on the projector is achieved via a single button at the top: press for on/off power, hold for Bluetooth connectivity.

The projector includes a clip feature that can be attached to the edge of any surface.

Clamp it on the canvas, clip it to the workbook.

The clamp feature can also be pulled out to attach to larger items.

Memory foam avoids damaging the surface of the artwork.

Power and data transfer is achieved via USB Type-C.

App & Packaging

The Picto app grants access to a variety of readily available video platforms, it allows the user to search for 
videos online, to explore video files from the smartphone's directory and provides a curated library of content
The app also enables direct projection from the smartphone screen.

Picto // AR Productivity Projector

Picto // AR Productivity Projector

Picto: an analogue alternative to a ‘pen-on screen’ digital tablet. Picto combines short throw and adaptive projection technologies to flip the c Read More