Typography-Only Project: Contemporary Series Poster
Research a contemporary topic and design a poster to promote a series of events. Demonstrate a process of text interpretation in both denotative and connotative typographic explorations to communicate content and message through a 24x36 poster.

Designer's Take:
As a film major at college, and a future filmmaker wannabe, I'm concerned about the lack of representation of minority filmmakers and the limited opportunity for young talents in the international movie scene. Through this project, I curated a series of screening sessions featuring five Asian directors who are under 50. They are Na Hong-jin, Bong Joon-ho from Korea; Cheng Er from China, Yung Philip from Hong Kong, and Kawase Naomi from Japan. Each of them will bring a latest work to screen and hosts a Q&A afterwards at Film Society of Lincoln Center in New York City. 

Typographic Elements:
For this type-only project, I intended to create a contrasting yet cohesive juxtaposition between the mini composition and and the titling type composition. The dynamic composition supported by hierarchy and color aims to connect with the idea of diversity of this event. 

Specs: 24x36 poster
Thank you!