Qu'est-ce que L'esthétique Existentialiste?
44-Page Anthology: What is Existentialist Aesthetic? 
Compile and design a set of articles and/or interviews of your choice, constructing a theme or point of view. The final product will demonstrate the flexibility of a grid supported by a typographic system and consideration of layout variations, pacing and legibility of content.

Designer's Take:
Through this project, I curated and designed an anthology introducing Existentialist Aesthetic in the fields of cinema, literature, and theater. As an Existentialist, I find this philosophical thinking therapeutic as it provides me meanings and values that I can hold on to every time I suffer from depression. Instead of tackling the obscurity of this particular branch, I hope to reach to everyone by bringing philosophy back to day-to-day life as a critique, therapy, and way of living.

Typographic Elements:
Some of typographic elements are set at the edge of the margins to cohere with Existentialist ideologies of breaking social norms and challenging social constrains. Futura is used for headlines since this typeface emerged pretty much the same time as Modern Existentialism did in early 20th century while Gotham and Plantin compliment Futura well in this editorial system.

Typefaces: Futura, Gotham, Plantin
Specs: 8x10/ 44 pages
Thank you!