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    Typographic Discourse: Filter Bubble Double-Sided Poster
Typographic Discourse: Filter Bubble Double-Sided Poster
Create 3D typographic letterforms off the computer, and explore the aspects of form, material, space, and documentation. Your topic of interest might relate to current events (i.e. historic, social-political, scientific phenomena etc.) or any topic relevant to the contemporary discourses. 

Designer's Take:
After the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, I became aware of how the mainstream media reassured audiences by covering overestimated pre-election polls and how the audiences selectively exposed themselves to preferred contents. At the same time, algorithms filter news feeds based on the audiences' interest. I researched on communication theories and identified an associated term "filter bubble", meaning that "information can be prioritized, filtered and hidden depending on a user’s previous interaction with the system and other factors". "In case of political information, it might lead to the situation that the user never sees contrasting viewpoints on a political or moral issue. Users will be placed in a ‘‘filter bubble’’ and they will not even know what they are missing". 

Typographic Elements:
Article: Breaking the Filter Bubble: Democracy and Design by Engin Bozdag1 and Jeroen van den Hoven
I created 3D type using cut-out foam bubbles and colored them with ink. The gradient indicates the process of cleansing oneself. My goals are to inform the general public of the phenomenon of filter bubble and to encourage them to break through bubbles, especially software designers. 

Specs: 17x22 double-sided poster
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