Dadaist and Surrealist Aesthetic: in Shaping the Public Perception
Write an essay that can relate to any subject in graphic design history. The final paper should be designed to reflect the subject. 

Designer's Take:
Surrealism is my favorite art movement for its achievements in challenging conventional aesthetic doctrine and its concerns about human conditions in absurdity. I wrote and designed an essay addressing Dadaist and Surrealist influences on the public perception. 

Typographic Elements:
Typefaces: Fedra Sans, Galaxie Polaris
Specs: 6x9/ 24 pages

Dadaists and Surrealists shaped viewers’ perception by emphasizing spectators’ participation in art appraisal and encouraging viewers to think beyond the limitation of fine art as an institution.  Particularly in Dada, decontextualized objects challenged the public perception of beauty, and simultaneously deconstructed the relationship between a form of an artwork and its context. In Surrealism, the dichotomy between the orthodoxy of Realist painting technique and the chaos of Surrealist composition triggered a sense of cognitive dissonance and introduced a new way to perceive absurdity. Both movements were important as they broke with the dogma of mainstreamed ideologies, and simultaneously illuminated the public to perceive the surroundings beyond our physical world, yet with a metaphysical philosophy.
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