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    Fight back against chronic pain from fibromyalgia Monarch for iPhone and Android is the simplest way to analyze, track, and learn about fibromyal… Read More
    Fight back against chronic pain from fibromyalgia Monarch for iPhone and Android is the simplest way to analyze, track, and learn about fibromyalgia. Sign up now and be the first to know when it launches. Track your symptoms Whether you've already been diagnosed with fibromyalgia or simply want to learn more, Monarch provides quick and easy ways to evaluate and monitor your symptoms. Explore treatments Knowing when it's necessary to get help can be difficult. Monarch can give you an overview of available options and help you decide if seeking treatment is the right decision. Join the community You don't have to fight fibromyalgia alone. The Monarch community is a safe place to share stories and learn how others are reclaiming their lives from chronic pain. Read Less
Monarch iOS
Product Design • UI/UX • Branding
Monarch is an app for those suffering with chronic pain from fibromyalgia to analyze, track, and learn about the disease. Fibromyalgia is a disease that predominantly affects women and can cause chronic pain and severe frustration with the affected as there is no cure and little research. The app was designed to help alleviate this stress and frustration by providing tracking info for future doctor's visits, treatment research, and a community of others reclaiming their life from fibromyalgia pain.

I tackled the iOS design while my other design team member handled the material design version for Android. My process involved an enormous amount of research as I had very little understanding of the disease and the frustrating problems associated with treatment. The information yielded was critical in properly creating features and scope that suited the target user's need. Our small design team worked together developing consistent user flow for the product, but individually solving platform-related design problems that arose.
Monarch was designed for multiple use cases. The primary flow has the user filling out an initial diagnostic survey to get a baseline score of overall pain, followed by taking more regular (weekly) impact survey that tracks pain score over time. This allows the user to track pain over time and can help doctors and caregivers adjust treatment with a more accurate approach. 
Secondly, the app has resources for the user to help alleviate issues between medical visits. Information on treatments, side effects of drugs, and research articles are all available independent of pain tracking surveys. Monarch also offers a community forum for users to source information and provide feedback. It also serves as an avenue to keep users engaged and active on the platform as well.
Since a majority of the app was survey questions, I spent some time exploring how we could create a less-stock sort of look in the iOS application. Many of the questions were of varied answer types, so this helped to engage users without distracting from the survey. Also, many of the standard iOS input types didn't apply well here and I didn't want to settle for something stale and standard.
Monarch is currently in development, but sign up for release for more information.