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Logo-a-Day Project
Designed a Logo per day for 40 (business) days straight in 2012 to improve my branding & logo-making skills. 

St. Patrick's Day 2012
St. Patrick's Day 2012 Alternative
Logomark designed after a delay-filled, jet lagged trip across the US
Spring Valley Track & Field
International Polar Bear Day
Hoo-Hoo Drilling Co.
Designed a logomark for myself. Based around the "Submarino"
Flat Rate Collaborate Logomark
Mind on my Money, money on my mind
...that's my actual head via MRI...
Let's get weird!
Rome Snowboards proposed logo for their 2012 Reverb Rocker
Logomark for hypothetical Memphis BBQ restaurant, Saucy Ed's
Proposed logomark for Kitch, a restaurant app suite for management and productivity
Campaign logo backing the firing of halfwit Miami Dolphins Football GM, Jeff Ireland
...Miami fans & residents were rioting outside the stadium calling for his firing.
Burd (Bachelor Party) Weekend 
Victoria Day 2012
Proposed logotype for Nightmare on Elm Street villian, Freddy Krueger.
Winners never quit, quitters never win.
A logo for recharging
...something I needed throughout this project
Logo for a hypothetical event, The Great American 'Stache Off the time I had a full "Rollie Fingers" mustache of about 11 months.
Youth is fucking magic
...what else needs to be said
Proposed logomark for hypothetical hot sauce company, Boo-Yah Hot Sauces
Proposed initial logomark & logotype for Grasstains, a Portland, OR based Landscape Architecture firm
Identity and logomark for hypothetical clothing company, Flannel Fury, specializing in synthetic Flannel apparel
Proposed logomark & alternative for Adventure Carolina--local outdoors expedition company
Marino #13
Designed a logomark for my favorite canine friend, Lady and her characteristic Snaggle-tooth.
Logo & identity designed for Player Profile, an app service that databases backgrounds & traits of NFL Players
Logomark for genetically modified Strawberries
"...The pixelberries taste like pixelberries!"
Logomark designed after I forgot an even better idea.
Proposed logomark & logotype for überperk, a website & app that rewarded customers for everyday purchases
Logomark for Southern Anesthesia & Surgical Company for their "RX Alert" on backordered pharmaceuticals
Proposed Logotype for "Draught at the Draft" based off of an event discussed on the Dan Patrick Show, where hosts wanted to get drunk with listeners at the 2012 NFL Draft while drinking draught beer
Proposed logomark for Truman Pipes--locally handcrafted smoking pipes & cigars
Casual Friday
Leap Year
Logo-a-Day Project

Logo-a-Day Project

I was eager to improve my logo design skills, so I decided to design a Logo per (business) day for 40 days. Some logos were for completely fake p Read More
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