Million Miles for Memory Identity System

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  • Million Miles for Memory
    Identity and Branding

    Million Miles for Memory is a charity that raises funds and awareness for dementia and alzheimer’s research through pledging miles with up to seven different sports. Every mile completed earns more money for the support and research for those with Alzheimer's, while giving those who are active something to compete for.

    I spent much of the beginning of the project working on the logomark. I experimented with my process following in “a truth through making” where I created as many variations and iterations as possible, which led me to create a process poster of all of the other ideas. This led to the M mark, evoking a sense of movement and exercise, while retaining the purple color that fits in with the Alzheimer's Association.

    I also wanted to push the extension of the brand, which included all of the typical elements of the letterhead, business card, and envelope, but also developed a set of numbers based off of the logomark that would be used for milemarkers and trail signage in races the charity hosts.
  • Color Scheme Iterations
  • I started out off of the computer, and spent time working on the letterpress. I then attempted to digitize these iterations.
  • Patterning through logomark
  • Extension of Brand
  • Envelope Front & Inside
  • Letterhead and Business Card
  • Logo Guidelines