Oh the paper, oh the folding, oh the countless hours spent agonizing over folds and creases and crumples. To say this project was difficult would be a vast understatement. The process was long and the time to prepare the final book was short. We began with paper folding studies, usually 20 at a time and of different types. From there we moved on to making actual forms and shapes with the paper to try and craft what would become our next step.

For the final step in this process we had to make a module, from this module we had to make a new and innovative form, something that could be hung or displayed in some way. In the end I enjoyed making the process book and seeing the final product of my belaborment. It taught me a lot about patience and detail, not to mention a lot about myself.

First spread of the booklet, Genesis
A few examples of the many paper modules that were made.
Further exploration into how modules are made
Further development of folding experiments 
A look to see how patterns in the real world affect my own formations
An exploration in finding patterns within our everyday world, using this I could further develop a modular pattern.
the process of creating my module
The first stage of my module, from here I folded and folded until I came up with something that could be easily repeatable.
the final module i used.
A definition of just what a module is
A look into just how I would create the final piece 
Getting to the final form.
The final module combined 
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