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    App and Website design for a new collective Vertica Helica
Vertica Helica 
Vertica Helica is simple, it is a collective for film buffs and lovers of cinema, no matter the degree of comittment. However there is a slight twist, the collective at VH is made up of VHS tapes in perticular. VHS trading and collection culture is a small but avid user-base of film lovers. With this website and app I hope to provide those fans with a way to express their passion with other users.

The goal was to create an experience that could also be carried over between your mobile device and a computer at home. I was more focused on the app experience simply because I have a new found love for app design and user experience. With Vertica Helica I wanted to create a sense of nostalgia, when you see the artwork, hear the stories, trade with members. Everything was thought of in a way that would evoke a user’s memories of the good ol days of VHS.
The first page you are greeted with is the enter page and immediately I want to get across that this movement is about a love for movies. So as a background I have chosen to display different classic films to remind the user what this is all about. All one has to do is simply swipe downward and entry is granted to VH
once you have entered the app for the first time you are prompted to either log in or create a new account. As a new member you are required t own atleast 100 VHS tapes. We do this to keep quality of content up so there isnt just a collection of barbie horse adventures. We wat our users to have a film buff experience and crowd when they are using the site.
After logging in the user is greeted with the homepage of Vertica Helica. Here they can view featured tapes or check the latest news and updates. From here we are also intorduced to the icon set located at the bottom of the page. These icons will be the main navigation for the website.
Here we have the marketplace, you choose to browse by our subdivisions or simply search for a tape directly. Once you have located your desired tape you can see what users its available from and choose your preferred partner. A users level is show so that the prospective buyer/trader can make a more informed decision.
In your account you can access your collection, an about me page or choose to contact that user directly if you have inquiries. You can also tap on their score and level to see more detailed statistics and badges they have acquired. To the right we have Kevin’s gallery and the sets he has within it.
On the main marketplace page you can also view a tapes rating and how it contributes to your score and level. Depending on the rating of a movie by the users, its worth is determined. So with Indiana Jones here it has 9 stars. You wouls take those 9 stars and times them by 10 to get 90 overall points.
Just like with the app we have a dedicated login and enter page. where as the app has these separate, the website is condensed into one. Keeping with the movie backgrouds to enter the site I want to keep that feeling of the love for cinema alive at every moment.
here we see the bar at its state when an item is being hovered. In this case it is a set of tapws, specifically starting with Army of Darkness by Sam Raimi. From this bare we can click the tabs in the bottom left of the page to see further options.
In the above panels we see how the constant bar at the bottom of the website can change and be dynamic. we can purchase from this bar, search and get info about the purchase we are making.
In the above panels we see how the constant bar at the bottom of the website can change and be dynamic. we can purchase from this bar, search and get info about the purchase we are making.
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