The task was simple, take an existing poster of our choice and extrude the piece with any means necessary. I scoured the internet for quite some time before I came upon AM Bauhaus. It instantly struck me, I cant tell you exactly what drew me in so much but for some reason I needed to make this a reality. 

So began my process of making this poster come to life. With 3 dimensional extrusion of anything I knew that it had to be viewable from all sides. At first I thought it may be cool to have the piece be free standing with giant rods extending through the holes of the poster. This idea wasnt the strongest so I let it slide until I eventually thought why not make this a one time exhibition? With the help of our friendly automated laser cutter I carved out the aspects of the poster I deemed most pertinent to its readability. What i came up with is more of an exploration in 3-D space than I could have imagined. While I took many final shots, the one I have below gives the best effect in my opinion. There is a nice sense of depth and background to the shot, it gave the Bauhaus poster the attention and breadth it needed. 

I hope you enjoy!
The original 2-D Poster
My rationale for the piece
Detail zoom, one of the most interesting things to come out of the laser cutting was what it did to the foam board, it melted the inside only so much so the letters had a gaunt look to them.
Poster comparison graphic
Detail zoom
Detail zoom
My final poster
Thanks For Viewing!