Karate Kruiser
The Kruiser was a special project to work on, We had to take any objects we could find our local environment and create a brand new object out of them. There was an immediate light bulb that goodwill would be our destination and the inception for our Kruiser infused dreams. We searched for a while until we finally came upon the objects that formed the Kruiser. They included, a portable ironing board, a used skateboard and...the piece de resistance, the Karate Champion trophy.

Combining them all would ultimately create the machine seen before you. The Karate Kruiser was a labor of love from all involved in its creation and it shows in the construction. There are certain items in this world you just cannot live without, we want to make sure one of them is the Karate Kruiser.

Below is the detailed photographic process that formed the Kruiser, I hope you enjoy it.
The ironing board
The skateboard (Kruiser)
And a little Karate action
Kruiser deconstruction
Combining the skateboard and ironing board
Adding a wearable strap
Some wood for stability, the Kruiser was taken for a test run and we realized some structural integrity was needed
Some extra Karate flare 
Trying it on
Pre Processed and no type treatments 
The final poster for the Kruiser
some beauty shots for good measure
Beauty shot part 2
Thanks For Viewing!