With Antithesis, my goal was to create a juxtaposition of image and word in one cohesive image blend. These combinations then had to be turned into a set of cards, 10 in this case. They had to portray the human body in some sort of way in which we chose. For the language and meaning behind the cards it was suggested that we choose something we were invested in. I chose heavy metal music and thei genres/sterotypes. But as it seemed, portraying the genre wouldnt be enough. 

This is where the title of the project comes into play. I wanted to create an antithesis of imagery and pre concieved notions about what metal should and shouldnt represent. Showing the body in the form of medical illustrations juxtaposed the genres of heavy metal nicely, giving them a feeling of elegance instead of negative connotations. As opposed to cracked fonts and black everything I went with serifed faces and beutiful drawings. Antithesis is really about proving wrong those pre conceived notions and allowing people to view metal music in a new light
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