Working in collaboration with Shanghai's Motion Magic Digital, we re-branded China’s Business Network’s on-air identity, crafting a whole new look in a series of dynamic, finance driven dents. 
CBN is China’s largest financial and business information TV channel with an audience of over 600 million. 


Client: China Business Network

Agency: Motion Magic Digital

Production Company/VFX: Aggressive / Loop
Creative Directors: Alex Topaller, Daniel Shapiro, Alex Mikhaylov
Producer: Kelvin Craver
Art Director: Alex Mikhaylov
CG Supervisor: Max Chelyadnikov
Design: Alex Mikhaylov
Modeling: Max Chelyadnikov
3D Animation: Andrey Krasavin
2D Animation: Andrey Krasavin, Alex Frukta, Vladimir Tomin

Rendering: Max Chelyadnikov, Andrey Krasavin
Compositing: Andrey Krasavin, Max Chelyadnikov
Production Managers: Dustin Pownall
Sound Design Dir Cut: Arseniy Sysoletin

China Business Network On Air Rebrand