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Commerce Components
Collaborating closely with the team at Shopify we helped launch Shopify Commerce Components, which allows enterprise retailers to build with the same components Shopify uses to power 10% of all US ecommerce. We’ve used Shopify's brand icon shapes as a basis, recombining them into various shapes, materials, textures, and brand colors, to create a slew of deliverables, including video, print, looping animations and stills.


Production:  Aggressive/LOOP
Executive Producers:  Alex Topaller, Daniel Shapiro
Creative Directors:  Alex Mikhaylov, Max Cheliadnikov
Art Director:  Alex Mikhaylov
CG Supervisor:  Max Chelyadnikov
Producers:  Dustin Pownall, Alexander Aab
Designers:  Artemy Perevertin, Dmitriy Kulikov, Alexander Eskin, Filipp Gorbachev, Roma Lozovik, Ilya Azhdarov
3D Artists:  Artemy Perevertin, Dmitriy Kulikov, Roman Senko
2D Artists:  Vladimir Tomin
Lighting:  Filipp Gorbachev, Dmitriy Kulikov, Max Chelyadnikov
Compositing:  Max Chelyadnikov
Sound:  Zelig

Shopify - Commerce Components