Quilt Wines

3D Motion
For Quilt Wines we crafted 4 films that are as much of a sensory experience, as a visual one. Capturing the blended pedigree and heritage inside each bottle, the origins and varietals of grapes, the craftsmanship of process and dedication to balance and flavor, each film indulges our viewer in a tactile and deliciously visual taste of “how it’s put together”.

Quilt Wines  Quilt

Quilt Wines  Lion

Quilt Wines  Lego

Quilt Wines  Rocks

Client: Quilt Wines
Agency: Fred & Company
Production: Aggressive
Design, Direction, CGI: Aggressive / LOOP / Abra Network
Creative Directors: Alex Mikhaylov, Max Chelyadnikov, Alex Topaller, Daniel Shapiro
Art Direction: Alex Mikhaylov, Abra.network
Design: Audis Huang, Hank Liu, Abra.network
Producer: Dustin Pownall
CG Supervisor: Max Chelyadnikov
3D Animation: Audis Huang, Artemy Perevertin, Hank Liu, Abra.network, Alexey Komarov
Lighting: Audis Huang, Hank Liu, Filipp Gorbachev. Max Chelyadnikov, Abra.network
Compositing: Max Chelyadnikov, Abra.network
Sound Design: Niccolò Chotkowski, Smider

Quilt Wines