WQNT Global Forum

3D Motion

For WorldQuant’s global summit in the Bahamas, we crafted a series of five immersive opening films - which were played across massive high-resolution LEDs on stage as well as projected on all the walls of the venue, encompassing an audience of thousands of the financial world’s industry leaders in light, motion and color.
Kicking off every day of the week-long event - each of the stylistically distinct future-facing films focused on delivering striking, abstract and conversation-starting interpretations on the respective day’s theme: limitless performance, tech, growth, scalability, and future potential.

We developed a distinct aesthetic and animation technique for each film: from large-scale fabric dynamics, to intricate systems of growth, to expansive flights across landscapes and architectures of data, to stunning luminariums of evolving light, gradient, and color - all interwoven with sharply designed motion-type inspiring thought on the topics of the day.

Production: Aggressive/LOOP
Executive Producers: Daniel Shapiro, Alex Topaller
Creative Directors: Alex Mikhaylov, Max Chelyadnikov
Art Director: Alex Mikhaylov
CG Supervisor: Max Chelyadnikov
Post Producers: Hannah Glaser, Dustin Pownall
3D Artists: Filipp Gorbachev, Artemy Perevertin, Dmitriy Paukov, Daniil Rybkin, Roman Senko, Sergey Nezhentsev, Max Chelyadnikov
2D Artists: Pavel Khrustalev, Sasha Chertok, Alex Mikhaylov
Compositing: Max Chelyadnikov
Online & Finishing: Isabella Crawford, Daniel Shapiro, Hannah Glaser
Sound: Kambiz Aghdam

WQNT Global Forum