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HP Wallpaper

For their 2022-2023 product family, HP approached us to develop a set of striking wallpapers to be deployed across their full line of devices: an elegant Windows 11-inspired evolution of luminous flowing shapes and surfaces, in HP's branded colors, and an edgy adrenaline-infused Gaming theme.


Working with HP's branded spectrum as a thread, we dove deep into abstracted organic and inorganic manifestations of shape, color, surface, and construction. Keeping the Windows 11 theme as a reference, dimensions of tactile and artful fluidity evolved through nuanced iterations into key visuals that captured the essence of HP's creative potential, while remaining versatile enough to work across their entire line of products and screen shapes.

We balanced aesthetics against technical factors like OLED battery life, ambient lighting-conditions, content-neutrality, and crop factors - coaxing out a soothing yet inspiring menagerie of fantastic shapes, folds, billows, and flows.

Collaborating tightly with HP's internal creative team, we iterated and explored on multiple factors, developing sets of criteria and terminology within our abstract visuals, for a smooth and efficient workflow.

In our Gaming-focused images, the soft, blooming and organic gives way to tighter color-ways, sharpness and precision - immersive geometric lattices and hypnotic, kinetic-physical frameworks capture the essence of the challenge and the win.

Client: HP

Production: Aggressive/LOOP
ECDs: Daniel Shapiro, Alex Topaller
Creative Directors: Alex Mikhaylov, Max Chelyadnikov
Art Director: Alex Mikhaylov
CG Supervisor: Max Chelyadnikov
CG Artists: Dmitriy Paukov, Artemy Perevertin
Producer: Alexander Aab
Production Manager: Dustin Pownall
Lighting: Filipp Gorbachev, Max Chelyadnikov
Compositing: Max Chelyadnikov

HP Wallpapers