Light has its own beauty and meaning, associated to peace, tranquillity, goodness and even divinity. Fire is a source of light and, in spite of it’s destructive power, there’s always a sense of warm peace and beauty as we observe the flames dancing and the diferent light kinds that are produced.

Lighting a candle is a cult with several meanings for thousands of years, using the fire as a way of leading to a spiritual stage. From ancient rituals to a relaxing night on the living room, lighting a candle seems to be a key to relax, to meditate and purify.It was following this statment that the project “Float” has born. A big volume is supported by a skinny aluminium structure. This volume apparently floating produces its own, warm, peaceful light: the candle. 

The project is composed in a ladder, to represent ascension process proposed. Standard 40 mm and lower diameters candles ca be used. Colors and odors are up to the user to choose.