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    Attended in Young Students Category of Auto(R) Design Challenge 2012
Citröen DS0
The Urban Live Commuter
The Micro car, for its small size and lightness, seems to be the perfect solution for urban mobility and commuting. In spite of not being a new concept, with it’s “boom” after the II World War, the micro car needs adifferent conception in nowadays.The Citroën DS0 proposes an electric micro car for DS range. This means joining the pratical micro car, ideal for city traveling and commuting, with the “DS lined” car, with an exclusive dynamic look, for a good price. 
The“DS” details remain in the car, as well as the panoramic rooftop.It was chosen the classic 2 seat configuration because of the social meanig of giving a ride to someone. It’s important for socializing to have the person on your side, instead of the 1+1 configuration, wich is more unpersonal. A good social moment during the ride might contribute fora good work/personal relationship.It is 2,5 meters length and 1,6 meters width. 
This dimensions where chosen for safety purpose, so there is space to absorb the impact in case of an accident.The car uses the motor-in-wheel system, providing more space at the center of the car and making possible to have a bigger battery and interior. The 4 wheel steering system is also used in this concept car.In conclusion the DS0 concept is a micro car, safe and stylish. It ends with the “silly look” of the micro car (except the Smart) and proves that the electric car doesn’t have to be ugly or bizarre. In fact is an oportunitty of new good looking pratical cars that happen to be efficient and ecologic.
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