Projects submited to the Crystalplant Design Contest 2014, for Agape.
Petra is a round bath tub that shows the contrast between soft surfaces and raw material, in order to create the idea of an unfinished object. It aims to have a rough look, yet, elegant at the same time. 

Petali purposes an alternative aesthetics to the Bathtub. It was intended to find a shape that could provide alternative space for storage or other object to aproach (small furniture).  
The result is an elegant, sculptural bathtub, flower shaped, with the possiblity to include a jacuzzi system that is developed underneath it. It is projected to be prouduced by a single mold.

Nido is the result of an attempt to "destroy" the bathtub. The goal was to find the most rational shape that could answer all the needs in a bath, and ocuppy any kind of space in the bathroom (a corner, near the wall, at the center)
As a result it is a very polyvalent tub, that can work as regular shower or a low bathtub, a small shelter where the user can relax seated under running water. The same shape was used to project a sink.