Infinite Wisdom
Logo concepts

Logo concepts for Infinite Wisdom, a couples counselling service with an emphasis on spirituality.

Concept 1: The Ring

The ring is a recognised symbol of a romantic relationship between a man and a woman in marriage. And the circular shape of the wedding ring has no beginning and no end, reinforcing the concept of infinity. The ring in this logo is not too obviously a wedding ring as I haven’t included a stone, so it can be seen for its meaning of infinity if the couple are not married. Simple elegant logo’s like this are brought to life with beautiful finishing techniques, so I suggest gold and/or silver foil on black thick linen card, reflective of the gold and silver used in rings.

Concept 2: Heart + Infinity = Wings

Here, I have created an infinity shape from 2 hearts, and paired it with a font that matches the pointed shapes of the hearts meeting in the centre. These hearts also create the shape of wings, which is quite a freeing symbol. A dark blue night sky background colour coupled with gold and white are the suggested colour palette. Gold edges on the business cards would be a nice touch and tie in with the icon.
Concept 3: Stylised Infinity Icon

Edgy and strong, this icon incorporates 2 open ended strands joining into one (making the infinity shape) representing 2 individuals coming together in counselling. The icon could be used with the type, or on it’s own/as a subtle background.