xCake Logo
Logo for WordPress development company xCakeBlogs (currently "xCake")
When I co-founded this WordPress theme development company, we decided to call it “Cheesecake Blogs”. Due to copyright issues, we decided to do a play on the name: as our main target were brazilian residents / portuguese speaking people, the “x” in this language is read as “cheese” (“xis”) and it is commonly used in words such as “X Burguer” (“cheese burguer”) – therefore, the company is spelled “xCake” and reads “cheesecake”.

To reflect this, I designed our logo based on a cheesecake. It is one of my best known projects and can be found on all the websites we’ve designed while working under this company and, even after my departure in 2012, still remains.
Full 3D version
Black and white / monochrome version.