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    Custom WordPress plugin developed for clients at xCake.
Custom WordPress plugin I've created for a few clients of xCake. This "Service Providers Guide" shows a list of service suppliers on the clients website. This plugin is fully integrated with WordPress and uses custom post-types to display the information.
The project:
We have a few clients with WordPress blogs focused on marriage / wedding information and/or inspiration. The themes were developed by us, but they also wanted a way to insert "suppliers" - companies that can do a photographic coverage of the event, wedding planners, party spaces, catering, decoration and so on.
With this in mind, we were hired to develop a way to easily insert these suppliers into a separate but still connected area of their blog. I decided to use WordPress' custom post types for the job, as it would enable the client to have access to a familiar interface and integration with the theme and content of the site would be easier.
The development:
The plugin would need the following fields:
- Suppliers name (searchable)
- Suppliers description / release / examples of work - a text field following the same textarea used in WordPress
- Information: phone number, e-mail and address (this one, searchable and able to filter by)
- Category - what kind of service they provide (searchable / able to filter)
- Featured image (same system as used by WordPress)
The results would have to be filtered by city/state, city/state and category, and just category. A challange that WordPress handled gracefully.
The result:
The plugin could be easily transfered to any other clients website with minimal changes and easily enough to stylize just with CSS. Currently, xCake still offers this plugin as part of their payed services.
Admin views:
User view (three different live examples):