Logo, visual identity and website for the brazilian online design school Criativosfera.
Logo concept:
The website "Criativosfera" is an online design school, geared towards teaching creativity. The name is a fusion of the words "Creative" ("criativo" in portuguese) and "Sphere" ("esfera" in portuguese).
Based on this information, I started brainstorming those two words.
Creativity starts with an idea. And what better way to symbolize creativity than by using the lightbulb, symbol of new ideas. Embeded in it, we find the "C" (for Criativosfera) and it's halo. The crest, a symbol of tradition and learning adornes this logo, bringing back memories of education.
Website concept:
As it's a content-rich website, the focus had to naturally be on the content. The main page contains information on what is the site about and easy access to the call-to-action buttons: "Register now".
The inner pages (with the content) are simple and minimalistic for a better enjoyment and understanding of the content.
Facebook publicity images: