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    UI/UX design project developed for a financial tool startup company.
In 2014 I was hired as an UI/UX designer by a small startup company developing a online service for the financial world. This was a challenging project that required several weeks of study to comprehend the diversity and copious amount of information of highly detailed and specific financial market niche.
There was a need to remain in constant contact with the tech team and PM as all areas dependend on each other to develop the product in unison due to the complex nature of the project itself.
With several pages worth of market jargons, hundreds of hours of talks with market professionals and a few kilograms of research, the project consisted of hundreds of wireframes, brainstorming sessions, meetings, mindmaps and finally prototypes.
Being the lead designer, I was involved with all aspects of interaction and branding, having designed the logo and the first prototype of a working project.
Due to the highly technical nature of the project, it wasn't possible to design a service for a layman user, rather being necessary to focus the design on the high-energy, fast-paced lifestyle of the financial advisors without being too simple while at the same time delivering information in an organized matter by giving different weight attributes to all the blocks of information.
To date, this was the most complex project I was in charge of.
Due to copyright issues, these designs were created 12 months after their original date and are not the original images.