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    Proposed redesign for MercadoPago.com
The latin american copy of eBay, MercadoLivre, also offers a service similar to PayPal called MercadoPago.

The underlying problem behind their online payment system is that it’s confusing and seems amateur, diminishing their trustworthiness - no one is likely to inform their credit card details to a website that doesn’t look serious enough.

With this in mind, I offer a new approach with a high conversion rate and a very low margin of user error.

The menus under the logo can only be accessed by logged in users, so presenting them outside of the context is illogical and leads the visitor to error.

The lines below the main title are generic and don’t have any effect; “it’s safe / easy to set up” should be implied. And the call to action should be more obvious, besides offering a link to a frequently asked questions page in case the visitor wants more information. It should also underly that the service is 100% free.

The conversion rate for the proposed design should be at least 30% higher than the current values.
This is an example project, not endorsed, supported or authorized by MercadoPago.com Representações LTDA.