Pilot of our ScreenConnect advertising product for weight-loss brand Slim Be, combining direct-response TV commercial with an optimised 'responsive' landing-page and explainer video. This seamless second-screen advertising campaign achieved a 20% conversion-rate, and provided invaluable day-to-day performance data that was then used by the media agency to fine-tune ad placement on-the-fly.
My Roles: Producer : UX Designer : Art Director : Analyst
The first question anyone asks when pitched a new slimming product is "how does it work"? This campaign set-out to answer this question, and demonstrate the product in real-world use with the help of Slim Be's brand ambassador Christine Hamilton.
Slim Be's online store offered a poor user-experience, and very little in the way of useful analytics. An optimised landing page was used to capture incoming traffic, designed specifically to educate visitors with several points of engagement - all of which were measured exhaustively.
A wireframe prototype was quickly built in Axure and tested thoroughly before being taken into Photoshop.
Throughout the campaign, Slim Be's media agency were supplied with daily reports detailing traffic and engagement rates hour-by-hour. This data was used to fine-tune and adjust Slim Be's ad placement from day-to-day throughout the 3 week camapign. At the end of the campaign, Slim Be were provided with a rich, detailed report, breaking down audience segmentation and engagement rates that proved invaluable in defining future content and advertising strategies.
Visual design by Stephen Moy.