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采美365 - Caimei365

New shop concept and visual identity for a Chinese online marketplace.
※ UI/UX Designer (freelance)

Online shop concept and design

※ Client-side contacts: CEO, 1 lead developer, 1 lead marketing
※ 1 freelance designer (me)

※ 1 month

※ Support concept and functionality development
※ User flow and interaction
※ Interface design
※ Support logo redesign (finalized in house)
Caimei365 is the leading online marketplace for the beauty and spa industry in China. For v2 of the online presence, a complete re-haul of the website as well as a re-branding was in order, incorporating new ideas and accommodating to the growing marketplace.

For the new concept the CEO wished for a solution that concentrated on the search ability, under the motto "tell us what you're looking for, we have it (or find it for you)". We've developed a smart-search functionality that indexes all products and content of the website, creates smart-tags, and uses these as auto-suggestions. Combined tags further narrow down the search results. Product providers can "sponsor" tags to elevate their position in the suggestions.

Caimei365 operated on 3 different levels -- as online shop for B2C and B2B, service providers B2B and beauty salon directory B2C -- trying to monopolize on a growing demand in China. Therefore a vast array of data had to be made presentable in a fast and easy way. 

As freelance gig I was giving support to the search concept and functionality development. I helped define user flow and interaction, and created the interface design. I was also involved in the redesign of the visual identity.

In the short time we worked together, we were able to break down some good flows, while adding some cute details to the UI. A cut throat "all or nothing -- now or never" urgency dictates the speed in the company and features were reiterated several times since. But I'd like to think our initial flows did make for a good basis. Besides, I got to visit Shenzhen, China, which was interesting.

Product Page Action Header:

Search Results Modules (Product, Service Provider, Club):

Service/Products Provider Pages:

User Flow Diagram (one of many):
采美365 - Caimei365

采美365 - Caimei365

Leading online marketplace for the beauty industry in China.