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Accountant Skills

Accountant Skills
Branding and website for accounting related online courses.
※ UI Designer (freelance)
※ Front-End Developer (WordPress)

※ Branding
※ Website design & development (WordPress)

※ Client-side CEO, 1 freelance designer/front-end dev (me)

※ 1.5 months, incl. input course content

※ Visual identity
※ Website design
※ Website development (WordPress) with e-commerce and online course system
Accountant Skills was a side-project of CTL International, a Canada based business consulting firm with offices in the USA and Taiwan. They developed a range of in class business and accounting courses and saw potential with making the accounting courses available online.

CTL and I connected with the goal of creating an online course portal, where users can purchase courses and instantly start studying. 

The online courses needed to be as autonomous as possible, giving instant grading where possible. And the solution needed to contain e-commerce elements that seamlessly integrated into the course system. 

As freelancer I was the sole designer/developer to work on this, creating the visual identity and building the solution from scratch.

outcome / reflection:
The orange-red theme was very much in line with the CEO, giving the online presence a fresh twist to what one might expect of accounting related material. I rather enjoyed working on that aspect of the project.

I did extensive research on finding a online course / e-commerce solution which wasn't expensive, relatively easy to setup and would fulfill all of CTL's course material requirements. We agreed to go with LearnDash, a WordPress plugin, which also integrates with WooCommerce.

LearnDash, is a great plugin, but needed a lot more setup time and maintenance than initially expected. The customer therefore was a little overwhelmed. Initial sign-ups did not meet CTL's expectations, but by project completion the marketing efforts have not yet caught on.
Accountant Skills

Accountant Skills