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Asylum project (work in progress)
The Asylum
Background images for a website
The clients asked me to make several horror images for their website: The Asylum. It's a site for a haunted house at a local restaurant. I had open hands and mind on this one since there was no general theme to portray except scary. This is still work in progress so I might be changing and adding more images along the way.

I especially like how the second image turned out. It's a mixture of Sylvester Stallone and a photo of microscopic bug! :) Btw, this is a great site to find inspiration for your monster designs:
Possessed chick.
Asylum theme meets exorcist.
Detail of the possessed chick.
Wormface dude with a cutting utility.
Wormface detail.
The girl and her pet. Feeding time.
Confined in madness.
Her eyes are upon you.
Asylum project (work in progress)