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J'Animals digipak CD cover
Žanamari & J'Animals
Digipak CD cover preview of their album "Druga vrsta" (Another Kind)
This is a preview of J'Animals' CD cover. I always wanted to create a cover that incorporates fire in some way and when this opportunity came I siezed it. I already created a smoky cover (Adastra CD cover), water based illustration (Darker It Gets) and icy illustration (Violin) so fire was the next element on my list and next logical step :)

The idea was simple: to create each member of the band as if they are up in flames or made of fire. The frontman, or should I say frontwoman Žanamari was a special challenge since I wanted to create her hair in the form of flames. A lot of twaking and patience was needed for this image. The rest was a stroll in the park once I knew how to put things together.

You can see below the original images and the final images.
Original image on which I based my illustration. (Photo by Mario Mlakar)
The final illustration.
Front cover.
Front cover detail.
Mic image.
Back cover.
Back cover detail.
Back cover final.
Inside panel.
The drummer original image for the booklet.
Booklet pages: The drummer.
Drummer detail.
Keyboard player original image.
Booklet pages: The keyboard player.
Keyboard player detail.
Guitar player origial image.
Booklet pages: The guitar player.
The guitar player detail.
Bass player original image.
Booklet pages: Bass player.
Bass player detail.
Guitar player (not so good resolution and quality on this one).
Booklet pages: Guitar player.
Guitar player detail.
Digipak preview.
Digipak preview 2.
Digipak preview 3.
J'Animals digipak CD cover

J'Animals digipak CD cover

CD digipak cover design for the croatian rock band Žanamari & J'Animals.