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Darker It Gets - myspace design
Darker It Gets
Myspace design
Young band form Belgium asked me to design them a myspace page. I had free hands on this one. The only guideline for my design was the name of their new release: Hurricanes.

Instead of showing actual hurricanes in the design I wanted to show the aftereffects of them. So I created a postapocalyptic scenery with tidal waves, destruction and grim sky that is about to swallow our whole civilization. The raven (or crow) in the background symbolizes an omen, a transfer of souls to the next world. The whole design actually reflects both the hurricane theme and the title of the band. It really gets darker... but after every dark time comes the light.. so this doesn't have to be looked in a negative way... the end is just another beginning.

Nice little project. I had fun working on it.
This is the design adjusted for wallpaper. Actual myspace design is a little bit different.

Check it out at their myspace.
Darker It Gets - myspace design