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Father - One Eon (CD cover)
Father - One Eon
Digipak CD cover design
Father is one of Croatia's top metal bands and I was selected by them to design their latest album "One Eon".
You can hear them on their myspace:

The guys wanted their album to have an old feel to it, like an old book. They also wanted to incorporate an old clock or an hourglass. Since the old wall clocks would't look good on this format I went with the hourglass.
The rest of the visuals and concepts for booklet's inner  pages were done to match the lyrics.
Band member photos by Mirko Zorz.

It was a fun project to do.
Digipak cd cover.
Booklet cover.
Earth, running out of time.
Pyxis is a box where sailors used to keep their compasses. This song is about searching and being lost.
Home Away.
Life is a gamble.
The Downloader.
We are too dependant on technology and connection.
Part Of Me.
A personal song that deals with life and death.
Mangiafuoco Il Magnifico.
Father - One Eon (CD cover)