New album design
Adastra is a mainstream rock band from Zagreb Croatia. Their frontman asked me to design them CD cover for their upcoming album "Surovi Grade" (Brutal City).

The title song of the album talks about violence among young people in our cities. There was an incident where teenager was brutally assaulted by a group of boys his age. They beat him up out of boredom. Few days later he died due to the injuries and for some time the police couldn't find any leads and it seemed as the city was hiding the criminals. The song "Surovi Grade" talks about a brutal city, violence and grieving mother.

So, the client wanted a sinister figure wearing a hoodie to float above the city symbolizing darkness and brutality of todays society. The result you can see below. I created a figure out of thick black smoke, a pollution that comes out of the city. Violence is like smoke and pollution, eventually everyone will inhale it and feel it on their skin and lungs unless it is dealt with. And if it keeps growing - no light will shine through.

Booklet's inner pages are also designed to follow the story behind each song on that page.
B2 poster announcing the release of the new album.
2-color version of the poster.
2 x 1m rollup.