Studio Project 2: 
Brief is to design the branding for GSH Conserves, also touching on important points such as marketing and customer experience touchpoints. 

GSH Conserves is an small, independant, Singapore-based company that aims to change the way we make everyday choices for the better, in manner that conserves our environment and our society.

Brand Story: Prizing The Local & Authenticity

The thought came by like what if joy can be a flavour? "Spread Joy" is what I named the line of condiments. It is simple and delightful and roughly translates the idea of the joy of presenting fresh harvest taken from nature and the amount of joy it promises and prizes. The joy is a surprise, that it incapsulated in the logo, bottling them all up for us to enjoy. The keyword here is really to enjoy. 

After the interview with Joey (the-jam-maker), I realised that people are more motivated and convinced to get the jam because they have directly communicated with him to understand his vision and his story and love for his jams and ideals. So what I really want to do is to present the brand story directly down to the packaging and the whole look itself. Therefore, when people pick up the packaging, they get the jam maker's passion. 

The visual language is really inspired by him himself. During the interview, I see that he was very overwhelmed in phone calls and attending all kinds of things by himself (because he's a one man show). So I wondered if I can complete the whole look by doing sketches and note doodling as if he is noting down the tasks in his schedule itself. Did not want it to be a vintage item, so I dropped the idea of vintage textures and went with a more highly-finished look for the labels instead. 

Check out the showreel below!