Beyond Print: Chaotic Order

Brief is to create a e-publication catered for the iPad, based on the context of a magazine in mind and explore the narrative.

"Order, Complexity, and Chaos: 
Rebuttal to The Argument To Design"

When designs are looked upon as messy and chaotic visuals, a natural order can be observed behind the creative control. This highlights the critical role of designers. 


Chapter 1 – Formless
Chapter 2 – Struggle
Chapter 3 – Release

Exploring the themes of order and chaos within design work, I find IdN a suitable medium for me to explore this theme and have a lot of resources to back me up on my attempt on digital publishing. It was hugely adapted from the issue of Music Graphics, which inspired a great extent of content for this project too. Most visuals were taken from IdN motion sites. Animation and digital publishing flow done by me. 

Check out the reel below.

Shot by: Paul Tang, Christian Angelo Candelario, Kyaw Phone Myat
With the help of Toni Cuhadi, Azelia Ng Wei Zhen, Oh Shuwen, Huiwen Ong :)
Edited by me

Song: Only Heather by Wild Nothing