Happiness Factory
Studio Project: The Happiness Factory

Brief created by 2 design students (Teo Beng Siang & Cellyn Tan Xinyi) is a exhibition that COLORS magazine has put together to draw public attention to the problem of Singaporeans generally feeling unhappy about their lives and situation as well as help to beat the modern syndrome of emotionless well-beings.

The Happiness Factory offers visitors the experience of walking into an innocent youth’s mind to attempt to increase his happiness via moving houses, changing appearence, falling in love etc. Centered around a step-by-step guide of exploration of happiness, this exhibition presents autopsies of a series of conceptions of happiness, originally culled from the issue of COLORS, manifested in a variety of imaginative and interactive forms. 
It will inspire to explore our (lack of) happiness, to question our imagination and perception of it, to unmask the illusions of happiness. It also aims to evoke more authentic conceptions and ways of seeking.

Check out our digital publication at ISSUU (Click here). 
Check out one of our exhibited videos below.
Check out our brief reel at the end. 
Installation 4: Video Introduction of Happiness Factory.
Whole deliverable package we have for the exhibition (scaled down). 
Close-up of silkscreen poster. 
Official poster for event and giveaway silkscreened poster. 
Close-up of brochure. 
Content of brochure. 
Tickets for exhibition. 
Merchandise – Tote bags. 
Merchandise illustration
Giveaway pack
Happiness is not a by-product, is not achievable by a didactic environment .
Happiness Factory

Happiness Factory

A collaboration with Teo Beng Siang to create a Happiness Factory to inspire unhappy minds!


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