Branding Design: 
Brief is to design a brand identity system that is based on a brand strategy proposed for the Substation that it creatively expresses its brand story.

"Radical, Unorthodox and Interdisciplinary"

The Substation is the first contemporary arts venue in Singapore who focuses on experimental art and it advocates freedom of expression.

Brand Story: Substation appreciates artists who are willing to break boundaries and challenge themselves in their creative endeavours. Substation will encourage them to approach their goals proactively with an aggressive and gutsy tone to it.

The supergraphics were inspired from universal signs that we see everyday in our lives, we are so attuned to them that symbolizes the restrictions on art and experimentations. Giving them a contemporary twist, they annotates themselves with the meaning of looking forward, pushing boundaries, making critical dialogue and sharing with a close-knit community—these are the essential brand values behind Substation.

Check out the brand manual below or click to visit the link at ISSUU