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The Internet is weird, especially the comment sections. We didn’t want our favorite exchanges to disappear into a black hole, so we created Post Comment Below, a collection of Internet ephemera that serves as a banal time capsule of digital conversation.
Topics covered in issue one: The Recession, Spanx, The Duggar Family and the Tea Party.
We’ve exhibited the ‘zine at the BRIC project room in Brooklyn and in collaboration with The Work Office (TWO) project, and received press from Dazed Digital and Yahoo News.
Topics covered in issue two: Obesity, Cats, Gay Marriage and Sketchers Shape Ups.
We sell the zines online and at several shops across the U.S. and Europe, including Printed Matter in Chelsea and Otherwild in L.A.
Topics covered in issue three: Sex and exercise, Porn Bots, and the Bath Salts/Zombie/Face Eating thing.
Purchase your very own copy here.