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    Film / Branding / Haiku's about The Goonies
Sundance TV came to And/Or to develop four co-branded film promo templates that could be refreshed with different films and sponsors over time. We created plug-and-play design, animation, and scripts for each concept, to be passed down through generations of promo-makers at Sundance, so that none shall have to create custom promos again.
Film 101
A two-part promo that tests viewers’ expert knowledge about film. We created this example with one of our favorite films of all-time: Best in Show.
Film 101 Part 1: The Question
Film 101 Part 2: The Answer
Top 3
This promo concept counts down the top 3 somethings of any film - hairdos in Hairspray, dance moves in Pulp Fiction, or, in this example, explosions in Die Hard.
Top 3: Die Hard
Secrets from the Set
These promos dish a series of fun, behind-the-scenes facts about a specific film. The example we made with Lost in Translation spills dirt about Bill Murray.
Secrets from the Set: Lost in Translation
Film Haiku
What could be more fun than making a haiku out of the plot of Goonies? The answer is nothing. Nothing could be more fun.
Film Haiku: The Goonies
Creative Directors: Kelli Miller & Kendra Eash
Copy: Kendra Eash
Art Direction & Design: Kelli Miller
Producer: Mike Sullo
Editor: Nate Buchik
Animator: Ryan Hooks
Animator and Toolkitten: Olga Povarchuk