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    Branding / Website / Trailers / GIFs
AMC’s Yeah! takes movies you’ve watched a million times before and adds dimension and interaction via factoids, quizzes, polls and exclusive interviews – kind of like watching cult classics with the comic book guy from The Simpsons. Our mission was to create a brand that was as fun as the content.
We created 15 teaser trailers for classics like The Exorcist, Reservoir Dogs, and Spinal Tap, providing Yeah! with a template as they add more movies to their roster.
The website teases the Yeah! experience with interactive quizzes, polls, and factoids. Using key moments from the films, we created looping animated GIFs to represent each movie.
We updated their logo, came up with a palette of bright pop-y colors, and created a system of branded digital movie covers that told viewers they were getting a film in “Y Def.”
We even threw in some extras for Yeah! business meetings and Buzzfeed lists.
Created with our friends at Trollbäck + Comapny