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We partnered with Juniper Jones to design and creative direct the rebrand of Spike, formerly the manliest man channel around. 
Spike: Now with more slash, less meathead!
Spike wanted two things from the rebrand: More options and a mobile-friendly design.
Working with a brand spanking new logo designed by Bluemarlin, Kelli and team threw the old system out the window and made a whole new channel, influenced by Spike’s new lineup of original shows like Lip Sync Battle and other ones that are so new various NDA’s prohibit us from talking about them here.
Lower Thirds
Production Cards
Our organizational tics were put to good use as we provided the in-house team at Spike with a nerdy custom-coded animation toolkit that gave them thousands of ways to build-a-promo.
"It's a deluxe animation sushi menu"
5 display typefaces. 8 color palettes. The combinations are endless!
And... your promo is complete. Thanks for working with And/Or.
Created with our friends at Juniper Jones