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    Personal project of a didactic interactive book about photography.
Personal project of a didactic interactive book about photography.
In this personal project – which is being developed inside the Center for Research and Production of Content to Digital Platforms – I have the main goal of creating an educational book by interactive ways on a multi touch platform and guided by theories of interaction design and content.
In a digital book project with interactive content, the interaction design works as shaping of behavior tool. It creates a suitable environment of interaction, that involves the user in a continuous and reciprocal dialogue, and fulfills with its role of transmiting the content efficiently. The environment of interaction - that, besides visual, involves also tact and hearing - is inserted in a graphical interface. This is projected over important requirements of graphic design, besides a constant concern with the user.
First half of 2013. 
Project oriented by a professor.


After a theoretical basement, the book project started by setting the main contents about photography techniques that would teach the reader to make quality photographs, that values the scenario, the object and the lighting: shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance, and focal distance.
The book navigation ways are both horizontal and vertical. In the horizontal direction, there are the different sections of the book, such as abstract, introduction and chapters; and in the vertical direction it’s possible to browse the content within each chapter.
Its orientation is also horizontal and vertical, so the reader can choose the most comfortable way to read, and also view any photo from the Photography Session in full screen rotating the tablet acording to the orientation of the photography.
Its has a very clean and contemporary interface, giving room for the photographs, interactive infographics, and orientation or interactive signs. The book content and all the pictures have been developed by myself.