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    Editorial Project for a Book about design career.
Editorial Project for a Book about design career. 
"What They Didn't Teach you in Design School" is a book by Phil Clever - Professor in School of Art and Design at Middlesex University, London - which is been planned to be printed a second edition, but with a redesigned layout.
The briefing was given in class, and a book should be design intending to represent how precious the information of the book are, especially for those who are leaving the design school, looking for a job and starting a career. 
So the approach for this project was to make a book based on the 42 line bible from Gutenberg, once it is an important and historical event for the design world, and praised for its high aesthetic and artistic qualities. Plus, the status of a bible related to Phil Clever book is another concept to emphasize its importance.
First half of 1014.
Project guided by a tutor. 

The main characteristics taken from the 42 bible, and that inspired this layout, were the two columns text, big margins, drop caps, and, of course, 42 lines of text per page. All this characteristics were used on the contemporary way, in order to make the book more accessible for the new generation and current standards of graphic design. 
The font family used here is Leitura, by DSType. But the prismatic effect of the drop caps letters was designed from a existing version of Leitura, specially for this book, so it stands outs while also look like more decorative.