2 Authenticators


2a are experienced authenticators who know how to price, grade and validate a product’s authenticity. We create a brand and an online presence that are the reflexion of their luxury products and services. Showcasing the story behind every product, those little desirable details of an item’s story and heritage that make it so valuable. 

Creative Direction: Cath Laporte, René Charles Arseneau
Web Creative Direction and Design: Louis Paquet
User Experience: Louis Paquet
Art Direction: Julia Welch
Copywriting: Anna Claringbould, Emily Wilkinson
3D Production: Alexis Quesnel
Motion Design: Félix Arsenault
Web Development: Michaël Garcia
Graphic Product: Rafik Andraos
Client Partner: Marie-Laurence Choinière
Production: Juliane Le Pouézard
Photography: Samuel Pasquier
Stylisme: Marianne Dubreuil
Set Design: Evelyne Morin
MUA: Valeria Amirova

2 Authenticators