Editorial New - Website
Editorial New’s digital presence is the result of a collaboration between Pangram Pangram Foundry and Locomotive. Following the official launch of Editorial New typeface, Locomotive had in mind to create an Editorial New digital showcase: A full experience using the new retro variable font set in action. Our target audiences being designers, art directors, developers and students, we went on a highly graphic approach to showcase the beautiful variable font set. The font is actually free to TRY, you can get it on Pangram Pangram’s website.


Typography — Mathieu Desjardins & Pangram Pangram Foundry
Project Management — Maxime Moulin
Creative Direction — Louis Paquet
Art Direction & Design — Louis Paquet
Strategy —
Dust™ Leblanc​​​​​​​
Front-end Development — Antoine Boulanger
Editorial New - Website
Multiple Owners
Locomotive .