Viva Eve

Too many women’s health issues go unseen every day. One-third of detectable fibroids go undetected and 30% of fertility issues are diagnosed with unexplained infertility. Years of neglect have resulted in a visible gender health gap in women’s research and clinical care. Having experienced this for herself, co-founder Nehal Farouky and her partner, Dr. James A. Gohar, set out to create a new clinic concept in women’s healthcare and hired TUX to help bring this vision to life.  

One of the main challenges of this creative project was to appropriately illustrate different OBGYN health concerns in an inviting, inclusive, and clear way. The branding approach needed to move away from any notion of shame or overt femininity, and instead move into a visual space that felt more empowering. With its warm hues and diffused illustrations, the visual platform also ensures that the patient and their health concerns remain at the core of the brand identity.

Strategy: Melissa Tucker-Gagné
Client Partners: Sandra Dagenais, Charlotte Bergeron
Creative Direction: Simon Chénier-Gauvreau
Art Direction: Alice Ware
Graphic Design: Joanie Brisebois
Motion Design: Felix Arsenault
Space Design: Olivier Paré, Michèle Beauchemin-Roy
3D Production: Jean-Michel Simard, Éloïse Vinet-Charland
Web Design: Louis Paquet

Viva Eve